A determined vision, motivated by a passionate Mexican heart, led Don Cayetano Gónzalez to found Tequila Don Cayo, charging it with strength, vigor and an imposing personality reflecting a good Mexican.

Talking about quality will always be timely. Accompany that moment with the spirit of our products ... It will be the most exquisite experience.

In 1954, Don Cayetano Gónzalez visualized Tequila loaded with the essence of Mexico, a result of the combination of the gifts of the earth and the artisan hands that contributed to the creation of a refined, powerful and imposing tequila capable of creating the most exquisite experience.


In the region of Arenal Jalisco found the perfect place to give life to his dream, a land full of passion destined to give rise to this majestic drink.


Thus it was that from the hand of a Mexican visionary and the majesty of nature came to this world the spirit of Tequila Don Cayo.


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